Why James?

In Melbourne’s top end property market more than half the homes are bought outside the standard auction process. That’s right, more than 50% of the clients we represent ultimately transact on homes bought and sold via expressions of interest, off market and other methods away from the typical street auction. Ok, so, you have access to these off-market homes, but do you really? There are off markets that are for sale that are good and then there is the other 90%.

Two decades of experience has refined our negotiation skills. We have developed the ability to control the buying process through applying the appropriate strategy. This is coupled with established agent relationships and a clear understanding of what makes a good home and what represents a fair price.

Our buyer agent service has bought over 1500 homes on behalf of clients, predominantly in Melbourne’s Bayside and Inner East. We have negotiated for private schools, the state government, investors and downsizers. In 2018 we secured a residential Toorak masterpiece for $26 million against very powerful competition.

Increasingly, homeowners engage us to help in selling their family home. We manage listing agent selection or take a more active, fuller role in advising across the entire sale process. Our seller agent services has benefitted over 300 clients. We believe in adapting to the individual property, the homeowner and the current market instead of following the standard agent cookie cutter formula.

If you don’t want the stress or the time wasting or the cost of dealing with people or things that you don’t understand then give us a call.

Our 3 Services


You need to buy your next Melbourne home.
Our Buyer Agent service offers 3 levels of service – DIY, Bespoke or full service and deals in $2 million-plus Inner Melbourne homes. We will find, assess and act on your behalf.
Make good decisions for your family.


You need to sell your property.
Our Selling Agent service utilises our experience and market knowledge coupled with agent relationships. It can be a simple agent selection process (assistance in choosing the best agent for your type of home and location) or a full advisory and management role for the duration of the listing period.
No smoke and mirrors. We work to benefit you!

Buy and Sell

Upsizing or downsizing.
When you need to buy and sell, timing and strategy is very important. Sometimes they even happen on the same day!
Preparation is key.

Market in a Minute

Our regular market insights address the pulse of the Melbourne property market for over 15,000 subscribers. We also address issues and topics that effect buyers and sellers at the top end. You can view our channel and subscribe here.

How We Do It

Our simple PPP (Price Property Position) triangle theory is a genuine scientific approach to property analysis – and it works! It drives our patented James Home Ratings reports, strategies and all of our dealings. Different strategies and questions surface as you move up through the price points of the market and our analysis takes the important aspects into consideration. This gives you control and clarity and helps you make the right choices.

In the case of $5 million plus, while our solution revolves around our PPP triangle it also involves our industry relationships – no, not pretend friends. These are relationships we leverage (without conflict) that deal with facts, true values and privacy. This is often the difference between getting what you want instead of missing out.

Dealing above $10 million is where negotiations and competition is at its most sophisticated – and difficult. It is where the competition, agents or vendors can lack transparency and the stakes are at their highest. Our dealings and our discipline remain consistent and solid. Our strategies work. Our track record has the results.

About Us

When the James bespoke service agency commenced 20-odd years ago we worked for time poor doctors. Gradually we expanded to represent a broader cross section of professionals from other industries – legal, financial, business and academic sectors to name a few.

‘Do unto others as you would want done unto you’ is the motto that has guided us since inception. Buying and selling property is a serious business that requires solid ethics, although we do try and have a bit of fun with you along the way. Take comfort in the fact that our team will take away the stress and save you time. We have your back.

For the record, James Buy Sell supports a local and overseas charity. More than $500,000 has been donated to Launch Housing (supporting Melbourne’s homeless population) and Plaster House (providing vital surgery to children in Tanzania).


Mal James

Our key negotiator is there with you at the pointy end of the deal. He is skilled in developing a strategy and provides our clients with multiple options before taking the next step whether they are buying or selling.

When Mal is not negotiating and inspecting homes – you can find him traveling the world with his three kids or with hiking boots on.


Gina Kantzas

Managing our clients, Gina is there with you from start to end. Working with you from the initial clarity stage to ensure a clear plan is set before moving on to the searching phase.

Gina understands the importance of what makes a house a home. She is talented in matching clients to homes and sourcing off markets.

One more thing … Mind the Gap

Whatever you do in your property decisions be careful to ‘mind the gap’ – the massive gap created by good vs bad decisions over time. Decisions that will eventuate in good or bad capital growth and could see you missing out on $1 million or more simply because of one poor choice.