38 Ewart Street MALVERN


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase


Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Poor car garaging
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 38 Ewart Street MALVERN

It’s seldom that I feel the agents advertising best sums up what’s on offer, however 38 Ewart St is an exception and the words I think that most resonate in describing this home are “Ideal for every stage of family life” – meaning this home will have appeal from those starting out; such as entry level couples, all the way through life’s cycles to those on the way to finishing up - downsizers – as well all in between – families with young children and families with older children.


The message is this home will have solid interest in any market and with this current market starved of quality stock, we will see a very competitive auction.


What makes it appealing to so many groups? and from an investment point of view will it still be have its magic in a decade or two?


The answer is feel – it feels great – particularly to women and yes this is a perennially good “dollars” home – in fact one of only three knocks that I perceive is its already a little dated, but still feels great (by the way the other two knocks are not deal breakers). Firstly, parking is only for one, although two is relatively easy to manipulate with some thought – granted no garaging will be likely. Impending changes to the neighbour are the final “negative” issue – possible with any purchase and in this case they survivable. The proposed changes will have some visual impact; however, they can be softened with plantings (there is space) and in my opinion without heavy effect on the current positives of the home.


So, what are the positives – why is this such a good home?


Position and Price - for me they are good without being a standout, meaning the locational land is good street, flat block, good size and ok orientation – width for block type is a positive. And Price? will be sub $3m but above the quote floor – you will almost certainly have to pay the piper and beat off some strong competition to be the buyer – so Price and Positional land are very good without being great. Neither of those will change when you go to sell - the competition of today will be the demand in a decade - this is a safe purchase.


What is really great about 38 Ewart St is the property, the building itself. Great floorplan, brilliant widows from the living downstairs to the southern bedroom skylight upstairs – even on a cold winter day, the home felt alive and that means positive vibes for the family. Back to the floorplan – its flexible and it flows well back to front, inside to outside and the proportions in all rooms work well for me. Good family bedroom separation – good sized rear yard and excellent pool placement – upstairs I like the retreat for homework, children play etc. Minor but the third child downstairs will be showering where?


Anyway, in conclusion, a beautiful mid-sized, well-located family home in a solid street and in a market that some say will improve in the short term, but for now is tight on supply (stock) of but not short on (demand) buyers for homes of this calibre.


Go hard if you like it – you will have to and it’s worth it!

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Land Area
Floor Plan Agent

Sold - 11:30 AM Aug 10 2019

Quote $2,300,000 - $2,530,000

East Facing

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Would you like to talk to us about finding or negotiating on your next home?
We buy 100 homes for our clients every year.
We buy Inner East and Bayside over $2m.