41 Were Street BRIGHTON


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase


Irregular land shape
Interrupted floor levels
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Comments on 41 Were Street BRIGHTON

So 41 Were Brighton is a dime a dozen new build hey?

No way! This is not one of those Balwyn specials, built in a hurry and without a lot of care, to make some money, out of the international market - despite what you may think, from a first glance at the marketing photo.

This is the antithesis of wham bam, formulaic m'am - this is a super quality build and a home of high class - which if you add a lift to, would be close to faultless for a family with teenagers wanting the Brighton life, slightly away from the hullabaloo of Church St (but close enough to walk) and if you are fit, then who needs the lift anyway - it's a few hundred metres to the beach and close to all schools.

For once, read the sales brochure and believe that any exaggeration is missing.

Before I move on - the architect James Rigney is such an underrated high quality architect - not a huge ego, but obviously firm in what needs to happen - not self promoting and not part of the champagne set, but one of the best new build architects - especially when on a budget, that I have seen.

And when you combine his work with builders, Atkinson and Pontifex you have the dream team - and please no relationship business or otherwise with either of them - just an admirer of their work for a long time - which has also stood the test of time - this is a 20 year comment, not a bulldust 10 second TV one.

Position: Read paragraph 3 above and the Were St shops are just down the road - with Leaf supermarket and hello to Harry at Olie & Ari - the fastest coffee in Melbourne.

Were St does carry traffic - but its more a boulevard than a cut thru - some train noise - but into a cutting. Next to South Lodge - Heritage - ain't changing in a hurry and surrounded by high quality homes or blocks that will one day have high quality homes.

Property: Land - didn't feel irregular in shape and didn't know until later research and not significant, not in anyway a deal breaker, almost unnoticeable. North rear - flat - its got all the ticks.

Building: Trust my above comments on the architect/builder combo - they didn't miss anything - could argue the roof overhang for the indoor/outdoor set-up reduces some light into living - but that's being picky. Pool placement is excellent.

You know the home is good as this is a decade old and looks brand new - no dating.

Its big - real big - there you go a downer, finally - the vacuuming...

To show you detail that counts - look at the light well as you walk down the steps to the garage area - super classy.

Price - well the home is so much better than Sussex, but in a different price per sqm locale and Tennyson was around for a long time, before getting a lot less than the ask on this home.

Everything you see on line is better in real life and there are no major faults, only good points overall with 41 Were.

Buy if you like it, as somebody will - Nick is a seller of homes, not a collector of listings.

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Land Area
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Sold - 12:00pm Nov 18 2017

Quote $5,500,000 - $6,050,000

North Facing

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Would you like to talk to us about finding or negotiating on your next home?
We buy 100 homes for our clients every year.
We buy Inner East and Bayside over $2m.