67A Wellington Street KEW

67A Wellington Street KEW

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Why James?

In Melbourne’s top end property market more than half the homes are bought outside the standard auction process. That’s right, more than 50% of the clients we represent ultimately transact on homes bought and sold via expressions of interest, off market and other methods away from the typical street auction. Ok, so, you have access to these off-market homes, but do you really? There are off markets that are for sale that are good and then there is the other 90%.

Two decades of experience has refined our negotiation skills. We have developed the ability to control the buying process through applying the appropriate strategy. This is coupled with established agent relationships and a clear understanding of what makes a good home and what represents a fair price.

Our buyer agent service has bought over 1500 homes on behalf of clients, predominantly in Melbourne’s Bayside and Inner East. We have negotiated for private schools, the state government, investors and downsizers. In 2018 we secured a residential Toorak masterpiece for $26 million against very powerful competition.

Increasingly, homeowners engage us to help in selling their family home. We manage listing agent selection or take a more active, fuller role in advising across the entire sale process. Our seller agent services has benefitted over 300 clients. We believe in adapting to the individual property, the homeowner and the current market instead of following the standard agent cookie cutter formula.

If you don’t want the stress or the time wasting or the cost of dealing with people or things that you don’t understand then give us a call.

Our 3 Services

You need to buy your next Melbourne home.
Our Buyer Agent service offers 3 levels of service – DIY, Bespoke or full service and deals in $2 million-plus Inner Melbourne homes. We will find, assess and act on your behalf.
Make good decisions for your family.

You need to sell your property.
Our Selling Agent service utilises our experience and market knowledge coupled with agent relationships. It can be a simple agent selection process (assistance in choosing the best agent for your type of home and location) or a full advisory and management role for the duration of the listing period.
No smoke and mirrors. We work to benefit you!

Upsizing or downsizing.
When you need to buy and sell, timing and strategy is very important. Sometimes they even happen on the same day!
Preparation is key.

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