"To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it"



You’re probably here via personal referral, reading Marketnews or have seen us in action over the last 20 plus years.


Maybe you’re a doctor, a mum, time poor? It’s 50/50 you’re local or OS/interstate.


Are you here to find what you cannotvalue how others do not or to secure the unlikely?


WE BOUGHT $8,000,000

WE SOLD $13,500,000


WE BOUGHT $5,000,000

WE SOLD >$15,000,000


WE BOUGHT $4,000,000

WE SOLD >$14,000,000

Great, then perhaps we can help you with advice.

Advice that is different and makes a difference, a positive one to your result. Advice that really matters.

Our advice is the alternative to the very costly trial and error.

Our advice gets you ahead of the queue, by putting 20 years of Top End learning (and the mistakes to avoid) into your buy or sell transaction now.

Proven PPP science, evidence-based, specific to you. Advice that matters to your family, that benefits you with measurables well above any cost.

"Good advice can only start with what do you really, really want?"

Marketing Presentation Strategy

bought 2006, sold for same clients 2021

bought another off market 2021


Our clients were readers of Marketnews, when in 2013 we were engaged for advice on how to buy a home for $5m in Bayside – and sell their previous home that same day.

Fast forward to 2021 – we advised on selling their home (without agents), whilst buying them another. Simultaneously we sold for that buyer. All off-market. All 3 same day. No banks.  No media. $20m+.

bought 2016 still retained

bought another in 2021


Our client’s home is on the busiest street in Melbourne, on top of an industrial laundry and near a drug injecting room. We’d guess you say location, location, location.

No buyers through previous selling agent. Our advice resulted in 70 inquiries, 5 multiple visits, 2 offers, sold at full ask.


bought 2008, sold 2021

4 other transactions for client

.. we really appreciated the frank and honest views shared with us, and having the difficult discussions with us early on, so that we were ultimately well-prepared on the actual auction day, which went like wildfire. We had a terrific experience with Mal and Gina, who provided us with valuable insights throughout both the property search and then the actual purchasing process, keeping us informed every step of the way and providing a trusted recommendation. They gave us a sense of confidence that we were in good hands in this important purchase decision for our family. More so, we really appreciated the frank and honest views shared with us, and having the difficult discussions with us early on, so that we were ultimately well-prepared on the actual auction day, which went like wildfire. Thank you Mal and Gina!

"Good advice allows control not sequesters it"



Our advice keys you into precincts, properties, prices you may think impossible.


Our clients rang us from overseas. In 2016 we found and bought the most expensive house ever bought in Victoria for them. It was at the top of the cycle.


Between 2017 to 2020 the market fell – yet during this time, 30% to 40% more was offered on this same home, without going to market, not once, but 3 times. 


Two doctors had heard of us from colleagues and phoned to buy and sell well. 


We bought a home for $4m. Seven years later in 2021, that home was sale managed by us off-market for $14m. 


The two doctors are great at doctoring and geniuses at listening, they are also different.

"When all is not as its seems, good advice becomes a process more so than a statement"


We all like a good tip, even more so, when it’s free. But who is giving it?


  • Well-meaning bad advice costs millions
  • Unknown agendas are often dangerous
  • Lack of expertise doesn’t stop many from still giving.


Great advice is measurable, creates wealth, options and time. Great advice matters.


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of our business are past clients, referrals and marketnews readers

Let’s discover your Top End Melbourne. Let’s immerse you in what is possible, not just what’s online and let’s see if you can benefit from a trusting relationship.


Auction this weekend, EOI next week, off-market. Neighbour, privacy, strategy. Overseas, not sure on quote, agent or price. Don’t buy or Overcapitalising, hidden alternatives, future growth. You can profit from our advice on all Top End matters, as our buying and selling clients have for 20 years.


A home defines. A dollar multiplies. A start finishes.


The right advice is critical.


Thank you for your time.

"Good advice, the best advice, significantly and measurably compresses your learning time and costs"

“ How many agents do you know who have bought then sold a home for over $16m in Bayside, over $14m in Stonnington and over $13m in Boroondara this year?


That’s the market you are thinking? Well, those same three homes were all well above current sworn valuations, 40% above what 4 agents told the seller or 30% above the sale price of a very similar home, in the same street, on the market at the same time. Two were off market and one was public. All three have settled – they were real.


But who are they? You never saw their faces on the advertising, their names in the paper or possibly never made a phone call to them. I have worked with them on some of their grand deals and it’s hard to explain what they do, except to say it’s very calm behind the scenes.


It’s probably easier to explain what they don’t do. They don’t allow communication breakdowns, they don’t allow BS to the client or to the agent, they don’t allow restrictive thinking. They do provide left field strategies that can only come from knowing intimately how a buyer and seller think, how a great deal works.


You have heard of the horse whisperers, these two are more the house whisperers, level heads, grand expectations but with low profiles and follow through – continuing to go when for most, the going has got too tough. Stoic and consistent. They are respectful and patient.


They are a pleasure to work with and as they have recommended me at times, I too return the favour in a very genuine way. They do what we agents cannot – they work with us all or they work with one, whatever is in your best interests.


Happy to work with them. Happy to talk to you confidentially about them.”

Top Quote Credit: Wilson Mizner. The rest are ours.