How Ratings Works - Experts Assess

Welcome to James Home Ratings - Expert Assess.

Many buyers want to understand the following characteristics of a home BEFORE they buy.

  • Growth,
  • Cash flow, and
  • Risk

To help analyse these characteristics we use the James Home Rating Expert Assess tool. James Home Ratings is a logical, scientific, independent and patented buying process that assists the buyer to maximise their emotional and financial outcomes when buying a home to:

  • live in
  • invest in
  • or both

This is done by giving each selected home a score out of 1000

  • Each home is assumed to be bought at market value
  • Each home is rated using the characteristics of its own precinct type as the base
  • Each home is rated against the same specific set of 79 demand and supply characteristics
  • Each characteristic is weighted to reflect its importance against other characteristics, according to our observations over the years*
  • Each home is then marked against each specific characteristic compared to others. Eg below average, average or above average.

This rating process is independent of sellers' opinions and your own buyer emotion. You can therefore use the James Home Ratings score to easily compare all the demand and supply characteristics of a home (and therefore its growth, cash flow and risk aspects) before deciding which home to buy.

* We assess more than 2000 homes each year and over the decades have built up and stored a significant body of evidence.

Do we think a home with a higher rating score is a better home or a better home for you?

Not necessarily. Higher scores simply mean fewer issues to work through.

Market Heat Dial

Our criteria are divided into 3 key groups - Price, Position and Property.

We divide Property into 2 further sub groups - Land and Building.

When the process is complete we deliver a score that will help you distill your thoughts on selection or strategy.

  • All homes have issues - positive and negatives.
  • The median home rating value in Melbourne, in Australia and throughout the world is 500.
  • The rating assumes the home is at market value. Some highly rated homes don't sell because they are deemed by the market to be above
    market value.
Ratings Sheet

If you don't agree with our James Home Rating score, you can use the HOME MATCH tool in the previous step to go through the process and use your own characteristics and ratings.

The Ratings Number is contained within the Ratings Dial and is a pointer to the Ratings sheet.

The colour bars give you a very quick synopsis of where to look for issues.

The ratings dial leads you to the ratings sheet.

Property Science & Laws

The ratings sheet gives you a synopsis of the issues as James Experts see them, which in turn gives you hints as to where further investigation may be required before you proceed to James Control Price.

For more information on the laws behind James Home Ratings please download the book.

If at any stage you would like more information about how a James Buyer Advocate can help or you want to meet me or another of our buyer advocates for coffee, then please contact us on 03 9804 3133.