Authority: We are fully licensed buy sell agents and Victorian law states we must have an authority to act for you. Below is our authority – its written in plain English.

Agent Quote – Indicates what an agent has written, spoken or implied. Agent Quotes change in moving markets. Please refer to selling agent for their latest quote if in any doubt. It may have been updated since we last put it up.


House Sizes and Land Sizes – These are either supplied by agent or estimated by our architects and are indicative. You should not rely on this. Make your own enquiries prior to purchase. Check title for land size and measure up for house size.


Values: James Buyer Advocates Prices and Value estimates are NOT sworn or formal valuations. They represent a range of price opinion from us as to where we think the final result may fall with regards to this specific home.


How do James handle conflicts?

It is a conflict where we have two clients who become interested in the same property. Our solution to this issue is openness:


  • We tell both parties in writing
  • We do not knowingly take on new clients on a property where we have an existing client who has given us instructions to bid.
  • The conflict situation usually arises because of low stock levels.
  • There are no industry (REIV) guidelines as such. Our company solicitor Chris Farrell are aware of this procedure for managing conflict. You will get a fair shake and our best efforts absolutely no favouritism or wink and a nudge in this instance. 
  • Where we have a conflict between seller and buyer – we always represent the buyer.
  • We are primarily a buyer advocacy firm, but are sometimes engaged by a vendor. If we are engaged by a vendor for a Property that you agree to purchase, we will immediately cease acting for the vendor. We will not be entitled to receive a commission from the seller (directly or indirectly)
  • If you feel uncomfortable with us at anytime, we would release you from any agreements at no charge we operate on a basis of complete trust we trust you as well.
  • If something else unforeseen happens, I (Mal) will first notify you via email and then talk to you on the phone.
  • Finally, if all else fails, we reserve the right to cease to work for any of you if we consider our involvement is not in your best interests.


Please be aware there are some advantages to conflict as well:

  • You competition is real
  • You will be told if the other party has dropped out
  • Our services and experience and relationship with you.