9 Towers Road TOORAK


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase
Area distance from CBD


Possible dating issues
Mal James
Mal James
0408 107 988

Emotive, evocative, powerful and yet family.

I have not seen better and I'm not sure I will.

I have looked at and reviewed, I estimate, over 20,000 homes and this is in the Top 10.

This is one of the rare homes of its type and price tag, where I know it will hold value - where I hope no mentally deficient would revamp or replace  - the norm for much of Toorak on ownership exchange.

This is a home that must be instantly on the Heritage register.

This is truly a great piece of human endeavour and collaboration.


Superlatives are thrown around in an era where everything is magnificent, where every experience has to be exaggerated in the words of the commentator, so as he/she gains influence ahead of the object being observed.

I am not exaggerating.

Why 9 Towers ..... why is 9 Towers the highest rating James home to date - the perfect home for a modern world?

Why because it's a home first - a sanctuary.

It's not actually an art gallery - yet it is.

It's not an incredible architectural achievement - yet it is.

It's not a perfect piece of land - yet it is.

It's not so many things - yet it is.

It's not all these ................. because 9 Towers is a home.

I've been to others in the street, in the area and many others attempting to be this - many end up simply being a mass of concrete and spent money with an individual ego shining through - saying look at me, how good am I, how wealthy am I and they are just monuments on the lookout for a bulldozer.

Then there are others that look good; but like second place, I've forgotten them.

And then there are a very few, like 9 Towers that get it so.......right.

Nothing usually excites me more than a period home and this is a period home - this is a home of the now period - this is a future period home.

It has the grand room a classic home demands. It has the garden court from the master – I have never seen this before – genius.

It has a façade and entrance that pulls you in – that shuts off the outside – that steps you into what you want and out of what you don’t want. It has a line that welcomes and separates – one that will create a subconscious ritual in your mind as you leave and re-enter other parts of your life.

I can see a prime minister here.

And guess what it has ………………. 4 bedrooms. Yep it’s a 4 bedder family home.

I can see Grandma and Scrabble in the same place the prime minister was standing yesterday.

I totally congratulate the architects whom I have never met and whose work I've seen before, but Mmmm maybe I misinterpreted previously.

I thank both the current owners, whom I have never met before, for their brilliant collaboration - their life is now different - but together you produced a thing of beauty…. one that only a handful of visionaries achieve.

This home is not yours – it’s not theirs, nor will it be the new owner's.

This home will out live me and probably my children - this is timeless and this gives more time.

You feel. I am alive.

This is a 4 bedroom family home with a pool, garden, living areas and some car spaces.

I wish all people in the world could live like this. 

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James Buy Sell works across Melbourne’s top-end property market to help our clients make smart real estate decisions.